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Updated: Mar 4

Published articles by Jon Preshaw can be viewed in the links below.

'Vitol Aviation, closure notices and DPT enquiries: 'enough already'? | Tax Journal 21 October 2021

‘One minute with... Jon Preshaw’ | Tax Journal 26 September 2019

‘Inheritance tax and the requirement to correct’ | Tax Journal 07 February 2018

‘Tax practitioners' views on HMRC powers’ | Tax Journal 12 August 2015

‘Risky waters-Penalties’ | Tax Adviser 01 May 2019

‘Careful steps-Tax evasion’ | Tax Adviser 01 November 2017

‘Earlier warnings-DOTAS’ | Tax Adviser 01 March 2015


Jon is a specialist tax adviser who supports his clients to resolve and manage disputes with HMRC. Find out more about the services provided or get in touch if you have any queries.



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